A Tale of Two Online Dating Profiles

The first profile was like most profiles. It was vague, rushed, inconsistent, self-focused and lacked good vibrations. And don't get me started on its profile pictures. Reactions to it ranged from "eh" to "maybe" to "next!" I take that back. A few people really liked it, but they were almost never the kind of people it hoped to attract. As a result, it decided that online dating doesn't work. That all the good ones are taken. That it would never find someone special. And blah, blah, blah.    

The second profile was very different. It was original, thoughtful, creative, funny, confident and refreshingly human. It wasn't perfect because perfection means different things to different people. But it definitely spoke to those it was designed to speak to. It made people feel alive and thirsty for more. As a result, it received a lot more views, likes, winks, favorites, swipes right, mutual matches and some very flattering messages. But more importantly, it raised the bar and set itself up for success by connecting with its target audience on a deeply emotional level before they even exchanged a single glance. 

One needed lots of work. The other was a work of art. 
One was far from perfect. The other was perfectly imperfect.  
One gave people nightmares. The other gave people very, very good dreams.  

What made the difference, and what were the results? 

One took its success seriously. The other thought success was about luck, not skill.   
One gets more than its fair share of dates. The other gets more than its fair share of Netflix. 
One is now dating someone special. The other is still looking for someone, anyone.  
One is now happily married. The other is still hopelessly single and lonely. 
One now swears by online dating. The other continues to curse it. 

Which one will you be? 

Hi, I'm Scott McDougal, and I am a professional copywriter (e.g. ghost writer) with more than 10 years of experience writing strategic and creative advertising and marketing for big brands like Sam's Club, JCPenney, Capital One, Delta Vacations and UNICEF, just to name a few. I'm also the author of more than a dozen e-books on everything from persuasive writing and business networking to online dating and relationship psychology. Now, for a limited time, you can hire me to write your online dating profile for you.   

Truth: Most single men and women don't really care "what the opposite sex wants" because they're too busy thinking about what they want. Big mistake. In advertising and marketing, the basic formula for success is to learn what your target audience wants and then position your product or service as the solution. The same is true in dating and relationships, only your target audience is the type of person you want to date and your product or service is you.

Translation: Your online dating profile is an advertisement for yourself and the value you offer someone special.  

Full Disclosure: An amazing online dating profile is just the beginning. You still have to know what to do with it after you make a great first impression. If you'd like, I'd be happy to help you with "everything else" including: 

Mate Selection
Creating Attraction
Texting & Talking
First Date Home Run Prep
Flirting & Communication Strategies
Upping The Ante  
Getting Physical
Nailing Special Occasions
Wowing Family & Friends
Falling In Love
Epic Proposals
Being The Best Lover, Ever
Reigniting Honeymoon Sex

But if online dating is one of your primary ways of getting the ball rolling — and I'm guessing it is or you wouldn't be reading this — a professional online dating profile is definitely the way to go. That way you can be sure to put your best "digital footprint" forward and attract the right kind of people for you.  

Note: See how I've used italics throughout much the copy you've just read? I did this to stress whatever I wanted you to pay extra careful attention to. Most online dating sites do not allow you to use italics or bolded words in your profile. Each site or app is a bit different. But I know lots of other communication strategies that will make your profile stand out from the crowd.

They say you only get one chance to make a great first impression, and it's absolutely true. But what many single men and women fail to realize is that it's no longer your first date, or your "first meeting" that matters most. Yes, that matters too. But often you will not even get that far if you don't make a great first impression … with your online dating profile.   

Why take that chance? Why waste months of your precious time, money and energy fishing for a hot date, or the love of your life, with "bad bait" (fishing analogy), smelly socks, splotchy makeup, or a wrinkled resume.   

Hire me to custom create your one-of-a-kind online dating profile right now, and I'll help you "hook" a good one :) 

Some paint with brushes. I paint with words, thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

Some paint with brushes. I paint with words, thoughts, feelings and emotions. 


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Better dates are just a click away. Get your professional online dating profile today.  

Better dates are just a click away. Get your professional online dating profile today.